Moist Coils

These stunning works of art are made right here in Adelaide, some say the maker has magic in his fingers, others say he knows the ways of the coil masters, but all we know is he is known to the vaping industry as Mr Moist. 

Mr Moist makes all his coils out of N80 and Kanthal A1 that is sourced from local Australian makers.

These coils come in 3 different types

- Standard Juggernaut - Appox. 0.3 ohms (dual coil)
- Low Lows - Approx 0.7-0.8 ohms (dual coil)
- Armadillos - Approx 0.2 ohms (dual coil)

Please note
These coils are designed for advanced users only who have an understanding of ohms law. 
When fitting the coils heat them at 30Watts during burn off to avoid tainting the N80 (this will also add color to the coils) 
-Mr Moist Recommends Cotton Bacon for your wicking material.


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